iOS 16: New features, functions, and more

A so-called multilayer effect allows patterns from background photos to be displayed in front of the clock.



New iPhone 14 models were unveiled with the news that iOS 16 will be available worldwide beginning September 12. There won’t be any major changes visible to users. The lock screen is the primary emphasis; it will soon be enhanced with widgets and enhanced further by the addition of a notification bar at the bottom. Only the oldest iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus from Apple’s previous generation will be updated to iOS 16.

You can put widgets and a lot more on your lock screen

Image: Apple

Most notably, the lock screen has been upgraded, making it more functional even without the “Dynamic Island” included on iPhone 14 Pro models. Users may now add the most useful widgets to their interface. The alarm clock, battery life, date, time zones, and upcoming events on a calendar are all examples.

Simply long-tap the lock screen to activate the function. After that, one may add a new one or modify the one that already exists. By tapping the plus symbol, you’ll be presented with a selection of suggested backgrounds and patterns, any of which may be accepted and then replaced with your own widgets. On the other hand, you may create a custom lock screen if you’d like. If you’ve made many, you can easily switch between them with a swipe to the side.

A so-called multilayer effect allows patterns from background photos to be displayed in front of the clock, which creates a depth effect. Users can customize the date and time with different text styles and colors.

The multilayer effect in action. Image: Apple.

In iOS 16, you can also build up a personalized lock screen to work with the focus function. Users may choose which notifications to show at any given time. To activate a focus, swipe to the appropriate background.

Live activity and notifications from bottom to top

The introduction of Live Activities with iOS 16 is very intriguing. Widgets on the lock screen can now show things like the time and score of a soccer game, the estimated time a taxi will arrive, or the status of a recent pizza order.

Notifications are continually shown in iOS 16 from bottom to top. Apple believes this would increase clarity.

In the future, a group of up to six people will be able to share an iCloud photo library, allowing them to upload and modify their own photos and movies. With the flip of a switch in the Photos app, you can set up automatic photo uploads.

Delete sent messages

An essential feature is added to the Messages app to prevent misunderstandings: Users may call back or edit sent messages for 15 minutes. Within 30 days, they may retrieve deleted texts. You may flag conversations as unread to deal with them later.

Users with “one moment” access may cancel messages in Mail up to the point they are moved from the Outbox. Also, they may prearrange to send emails at a later time. Thanks to machine learning, this software can tell when you’ve neglected to add anything crucial, like the class you were supposed to take. When a message is sent but not responded to, it shows a reminder about it. Mail’s search is said to perform significantly better than before.

The ability of iOS 16 to detect and understand text not just in still images but also in moving ones is now possible thanks to machine learning. In the near future, the iPhone will detect patterns in the foreground and make them available for clipping, say, to be included into a message. In cases where this is feasible, a little icon will appear, much like the ones you see when you click on the “more details” button.

iOS 16 expands CarPlay with several new features

With iOS 16, CarPlay is more deeply integrated into the hardware of cars, and content can be seen on a wider range of displays. The radio and climate control, among other features, will soon be accessible to drivers. CarPlay utilizes the data gathered from the car to show information such as speed, fuel level, temperature, and widgets on the dashboard. However, we shouldn’t expect to see the first compatible automobiles on the market until late 2023 at the earliest.

Under iOS 16, you may organize your favorite websites into separate tab groups to share with your friends. As an alternative to using a password, “Passkey” generates permanent, device-bound digital keys that are impossible for hackers to decipher. Biometric authentication with Touch ID or Face ID and cross-device keychain sync with iCloud keychain are standard features of Apple products.

Fitness app available without an Apple Watch

Without an Apple Watch, users will be able to create routes with up to 15 destinations that will sync instantly between their Mac and iPhone using Apple Maps. Moreover, the integration of information about public transport has improved. You may buy rail or bus tickets inside the app, among other things.

It is possible to make manual inputs alongside dictation with iOS 16. The dictation feature may also add punctuation and emojis at your command.

The fitness app may be used by anyone without an Apple Watch to track their own personal health and well-being. To do this, iOS 16 takes advantage of the iPhone’s motion sensors.

It’s not only parents that get a pass

Thanks to Family Sharing, parents can create accounts for their children with little hassle. By using the Messages app, they may approve or disapprove of requests for more screen time.

Using the brand-new “Safety Check,” users may instantly remove any shared access to their device.

Future versions will have a door recognition capability, which will allow visually impaired people to utilize an iPhone to navigate the last few feet of their route. Those who have trouble hearing may benefit from automatic, real-time subtitles in a variety of settings, including phone calls, FaceTime conversations, video conferences, and social media applications.

Soon, the Home app will support the Matter Smart Home networking standard. In the Health app, patients can keep track of their medications. The Game Center has a new dashboard, and the True-Depth camera can be used to customize 3D audio.

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