New Macs: MacBook Pro M2 Max and M2 Pro delayed, Mac Pro inbound

Apple reportedly continues to have difficulties finishing the M2 Max and M2 Pro generations of the MacBook Pro. In return, the Mac Pro seems to be getting closer.



There are fresh availability rumors for two Mac series, some positive, some negative. These are both new notebook machines and a long-awaited revamped desktop Mac for professionals.

M2 Max and M2 Pro

Image: IDG.

It is said that it will take longer than expected until Apple gives its MacBook Pro a successor with the M1 Max and M1 Pro, respectively. Both devices with 14 and 16-inch displays and SoCs from the new M2 Pro or M2 Max series were actually expected last fall but were initially postponed by Apple. But now a spring date seems to be wobbling as well, according to the company’s Asian supply chain.

According to the electronics trade publication DigiTimes from Taiwan, the devices are “delayed again.” What that means specifically in terms of timing was not listed. In the fall, it was still said that Apple would deliver in the first quarter of 2023, probably together with the release of macOS 13.3. Unless another minor miracle occurs, it now appears to be a presentation at the summer developer conference, WWDC 2023. Apple’s foundry, TSMC, has now started mass production of 3 nm SoCs, the process that M2 Max and M2 Pro are supposed to use. However, Apple could also change its mind and continue to use the 5 nm process (as in the M1 Pro and M1 Max).

Mac Pro: macOS 13.3 brings it

When it comes to the Mac Pro, the news is better. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, who has good contacts inside Cupertino, has heard about a test version of macOS 13.3, which is supposed to include support for the new Mac Pro along with the new M2 Ultra SoC. Most recently, Apple was said to not be changing the form factor of the Mac Pro at all, but instead keeping the look of the outdated Intel Xeon machine.

macOS 13.3 is expected in the spring; macOS 12.3 was a March release, and macOS 11.3 was an April release. In addition to the M2 Ultra, expandability with graphics and other add-on cards is expected for the first time, though RAM will reportedly not be replaceable. That would be a disappointment for a workstation. It is unclear which practical standard Apple will use for expansion options, i.e., whether PCIe will be combined with Apple Silicon for the first time.

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