The best anime games for iOS and Android

January brings some new anime games. For smartphone gamers, there are some interesting alternatives.



When discussing anime, people have differing points of view. While some viewers simply cannot get enough of the numerous programs, others don’t grasp the big deal about the primarily Japanese productions. Yet, the industry surrounding anime is massive.

Not only the various released series, but also the many matching games, attest to the widespread acclaim for anime. Only in the month of January will fans of anime be able to pick up two brand new titles: One Piece Odyssey and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. There are also some entertaining games in this category for iOS and Android.

The best anime games for iOS and Android

We introduce you to these anime games:

  • Dragon Ball Legends: iOS and Android
  • Azur Lane: iOS and Android
  • One Piece Treasure Cruise: iOS and Android
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: iOS and Android

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends
Dragon Ball Legends

When it comes to anime, Dragon Ball is a must. The manga series, which was first published in 1984, is probably one of the most popular and best-known anime of all time. And the many games in the series are also very popular. Dragon Ball is also represented on the smartphone with its own spin-off. Those who expect a pure fighting game from Dragon Ball Legends will have to lower their expectations a bit.

However, you should still give the game a chance. And for several reasons. The first thing that stands out right from the start is the excessive number of hints that have to be typed out. Aside from language selection, we must type our way through a slew of warnings and information. Besides a reference to additional content that has to be paid for, there are several queries, for example, about the weighting of characters that we have to accept or reject. What this means for us later, however, is not actually made clear.

Once we have finally started a new game, we enter the tutorial with Son-Goku. Here we learn for the first time what kind of game Dragon Ball Legends actually is. Besides a fighting component, there are also cards in the game, which are part of the game mechanics. The game is controlled exclusively by tapping and swiping directly on the screen. There is no need for virtual buttons. The swipe gestures are primarily intended for movement in the four cardinal directions; tapping is reserved for the respective combat actions.

How an attack is executed depends on the opponent’s proximity on the one hand and on the selection of combat cards on the other. These, in combination with AI points, can be used for targeted attacks on our opponents in order to eliminate them as quickly as possible. Dragon Ball Legends also offers a story to appeal to players who are not fans of the series. Most of it takes place via text-based dialogs that keep us up to date on the different parts and books.

To make it through the many fights, we band together as a team. Then, we may send three of our number into each combat to face up against the widest variety of foes imaginable. Acquiring playable characters either requires time or actual cash. Despite the fact that in-game purchases are a key component of the economic model, we are under no obligation to make them during Dragon Ball.

The game may be enjoyed for several hours even without making any purchases. I love the ideal smartphone orientation and how there are no internet restrictions. The whole game, including combat, can be controlled with only one finger or thumb thanks to Dragon Ball Legends’ special portrait mode.

Dragon Ball Legends is available for iOS and Android for free.

Azur Lane

Azur Lane
Azur Lane

Azur Lane is one of the newer creations in the anime sky. Unlike many other productions, here the game appeared first, from which a TV series was adapted in the end. Azur Lane is a Chinese production that falls into the shoot ’em up genre. Those who begin Azur Lane for the first time are likely to raise their eyebrows. What awaits us here is anything but clear. It becomes clear right away that there are a lot of exclusively female anime characters.

Their role in the game, though, is a little out of the ordinary. Azur Land is set in an alternate history of World War II. The idea is both intriguing and easy to grasp. Create a fleet out of the available personalities. Fleet, since the female protagonists aren’t people but rather ships of war. Two groups of three ships each are required to be positioned. Destroyers, along with light and heavy cruisers, form the first line division.

The battleships and aircraft carriers of the fleet form the second line of defense. As soon as we complete the construction of our fleet, we will set sail for the unknown lands of our enemies. Once we identify the enemy, the next steps are standard operating procedure. Destroying enemy fleets is a must to reach each monster. Then, a decisive fight must be fought and won to eliminate it. When you win a battle, you’ll earn stars and maybe unlock a new map to explore. Once we’ve finished all the maps in a chapter, we go on to the following chapter, which increases the difficulty.

Azur Lane provides a hybrid of automated and manual controls. When we identify an enemy, the ships in the front of our fleet immediately begin firing. Moreover, we always have the option of manually repositioning them. We have buttons to summon fighter ships and aircraft carriers.

However, we have to aim ourselves, which gives the game a certain sniper charm. The integrated “relationship system” seems a bit strange. When we use certain characters or ships more frequently and for a longer period of time, our affection for that character grows. At 100 percent affection, a marriage proposal can then be made. This is certainly a somewhat irritating feature for many players in an otherwise quite entertaining game. When it comes to microtransactions, Azur Lane is relatively harmless. Investments are mainly made in skins for the lovingly named “Shipfus” as well as rings for the aforementioned weddings. Slots for docks, among other things, can also be purchased, but they are anything but mandatory for good gameplay.

Azur Lane is available for free on iOS and Android.

One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise
One Piece Treasure Cruise

The extensive list of legendary anime and manga now includes One Piece. Beginning in 1997, this manga series has become the best-selling in the world and has also found success in the game industry. One Piece Treasure Cruise, an action RPG made for mobile devices like the iPhone and the Android, contributed to this achievement. In the game, you play as Monkey D. Ruffy, who after consuming the gum-gum fruit develops the power of extreme stretchiness. We tag along with Ruffy and his crew as they attempt to ascend to the throne of all pirates.

Typically, we get to pick our own group of friends. While longtime readers of One Piece may feel cheated out of some of the story’s original appeal, those unfamiliar with the series will gain valuable insight into the series’ origins and how its key characters come to know one another. There are 41 islands in the narrative mode, and each one represents a different high point in the plot. On each of these isles, we’ll find a new set of enemies we must vanquish before we can continue.

While we start off with only the most fundamental tools, we’ll gradually acquire more characters and resources that will prove invaluable in the heat of combat. We begin the story with simply Ruffy, but we quickly pick up Usopp, Nami, and Zorro as we go to the other islands. In particular, novices to the series may be taken aback by the initial impression, although the game’s simple mechanics are easily learned and ingrained. The turn-based system allows us to play strategically without any pressure.

In each fight, we can assemble a unique squad to meet the specific challenges posed by our foes. Some heroes, for instance, are hampered by the island’s unique features or perform poorly when pitted against specific foes. It’s important that the plot keeps moving and that new things happen frequently enough that readers don’t become bored. New tasks, from the easiest to the most difficult, provide us the chance to try out new strategies and personalities that will make the next challenge that much simpler to complete.

The game controls in One Piece Treasure Crusie are straightforward. Most of the action in the game is triggered by the player tapping on the screen or selecting options from a menu. It is not required that the Treasure Cruise be profitable. We can buy additional characters or restore our energy levels. All of the stuff is, however, easily obtainable through normal gameplay and login incentives. This is a place where only the most eager gamers should risk their money.

One Piece Treasure Cruise is available for free on iOS and Android.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel
Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the most well-known card games, thanks in large part to its anime adaptation. The collectable card game, released by Konami in 1999, remains popular among collectors and fans of the corresponding anime franchises. Konami’s next Yu-Gi-Oh video game for consoles and personal computers, Master Duel, was published in early 2022. This time, players were also able to access a mobile version. When it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh, Master Duel gets down to business.

The cards are what you see first here. Playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel for the first time is going to be challenging. If you’ve never played Yu-Gi-Oh or are unfamiliar with the strategy involved, you should probably do some research first or just skip your brief foray into the world of trading cards. Konami intends to help new players get started with single-player tutorials, but fan-made Yu-Gi-Oh games typically don’t give any support.

However, this will take more time if you are completely new to the subject matter. Plenty of time. Those who are already well-prepared, however, will enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh! Expert Struggle. We may compete against the computer in single-game mode, enter graded tournaments, or play cross-platform with our friends. There is a relentless concentration on the fundamentals in Master Duel. There are no detours from the main plot or any interesting breaks. Instead, we’re all on the same field, which gets littered with card remains after each match. Of course, we need the appropriate cards if we ever want to get our ideal deck.

Also, Konami has prepared two different paths for us to take. Microtransactions allow you to purchase gem packs for 10 to 100 euros if you wish to save time. For me, playing cards is a far more interesting option. Konami has not placed any artificial restrictions on our ability to acquire new cards and provides us with this option even if we don’t have any cash.

There are no commercials that we can see, either. Master Duel was designed for big displays, but it runs smoothly on a mobile device, too. On an iPhone 14 Pro Max, however, I occasionally experienced stuttering or frame dropouts whenever a map animation was being performed. Something that might be improved upon without negatively impacting the game itself

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is available for free on iOS and Android.